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Code of Conduct

Main Ridge Bowls & Petanque Club Inc

This Code sets out the required standards of behaviour for all members and visitors on club premises and those members representing the Main Ridge Bowls and Pétanque Club (MRBPC) at other venues.


Conformance with this Code will ensure that everyone can enjoy club amenities and activities in a safe and responsible manner.


The Code aligns with three of the Club’s Core Values - Respect for the Individual, Integrity and Accountability. Being part of the MRBPC community is a privilege to be safeguarded and valued.


Members and visitors shall:

  • Participate in the Club activities in a manner that promotes harmony and belonging;


  • Refrain from behaviours that may undermine the mental and/or physical health and wellbeing of others;


  • Ensure members socialise and participate in sporting activities in a manner which is free from all forms of harassment and discrimination;


  • Show due consideration to the rights and needs of others, including their right to privacy, as set out in the Club’s Privacy Policy;


  • Pay any fees in relation to an event or offering which that member has committed to, and


  • Ensure that children are always accompanied by a responsible adult whilst on club premises.


Behaviour by any member which is perceived to be in breach of this Code may result in the Club initiating disciplinary action against that member. This disciplinary action will be in accordance with the Club’s constitution.

Behaviour by any visitor to the Club which is perceived to be in breach of this Code will result in appropriate action being taken against that individual.

Subject to legal considerations, interpretation of the Code by the Executive Committee is final.

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