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Best AFL Final Entertainment ever ... at MRB&PC

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Robby Williams cavorting in his pink suit may not have suited all tastes but many of us were happy to bop along to the slick performance, whilst enjoying the entertainment at the club. The bar was kept busy; thanks, Lee and Jonathan and a delicious lunch was presented by chefs Raelene, Margaret, Kerry and Bernadette. A gently spiced Moroccan soup was served to begin the meal and it was followed by an assortment of pies, gourmet potato (expertly mashed by John S and Kevin with a secret ingredient!) and accompanied with a variety of vegetables. There was a copious amount of rich gravy on offer, along with standard footy condiments. Half time was looked forward to as the Swans fans’ disappointment in the divergence in score was alleviated by the scones, cream and jam, made by master baker Andrea. Special thanks to the President Bill, for coordination and hosting the event 24hrs after he left hospital and for all of those who so willingly helped set up and clear up to make the day a success. The final footy competition was won by Neville Mallard who guessed closest to the final winning result - not a bad feat for a rugby loving New Zealander.

The enjoyment of the game was enhanced by the strategically place TV screens and the new block out blinds which ensured optimum viewing.

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