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If you are interested in Bare Foot Bowls, we can set up a session for you and your friends as a one-off 'celebration' or on a regular basis. 

Please contact the club or call Bill Shearer on  0418 321 387 or send an email to MainRidgeBPC@gmail.com

Petanque Club Championship Competition 2019

 Friday 12th January                    16:30 hours

 Friday 16th February                  16:30 hours

 Friday 15th March                      16:30 hours

 Friday  12th April                        15:30 hours (second Friday)

 Friday  17th May                         15:30 hours

 Friday  21st June                        15:30 hours

 Friday  19th July                         15:30 hours

 Friday  16th August                    15:30 hours

 Friday  20th September              15:30 hours

 Friday  18th October                   16:00 hours

 Friday  15th November               16:00 hours

 Friday  20th December               16:00 hours

Saturday 7th December – Club Christmas party from 19:00 hours. For more information contact Bill Shearer on 0418 321 387.

Main Ridge Bowls and Petanque Club

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